Bindoon customers Water Supply Outage 31 May 2022

Published on Thursday, 26 May 2022 at 8:08:10 AM

What is happening?

Water Corporation’s authorised contractor, PRG, will begin work to upgrade valves at Water Corporation’s tank site located along Forrest Hills Parade on Tuesday 31 May 2022.

Will my water supply be interrupted?

To carry out this work, we will need to turn off the water. Your water supply will be interrupted between 9am and 3pm on Tuesday 31 May for residents living in the section indicated on the map below. Some residents may still receive supply at reduced pressure and flow.

Water Corporation advises customers to plan for this period when water may be unavailable. If you have an electric hot water system, we recommend that you turn off its power supply to protect it. Do not use automatic dishwashers or washing machines during the water outage.

 Discoloured water after the water outage

This work may result in the water having a discoloured appearance when it is restored. If this occurs, the water is still safe to use. If you experience discoloured water:

  • Run the outside garden tap at the front of your property for a few minutes, until the water clears. Repeat the step above for an outside tap at rear for your property.
  • Do not use washing machines, dishwashers or other water-using appliances until the water is clear.
  • For ongoing supply issues, please call 13 13 75.

 We thank you for your patience and appreciate your cooperation while this work is carried out.

Who can I contact?

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