Shire Response

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As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to develop, this page will be updated with how the Shire and our Community is responding to this.

For the time being, our services will be provided as per normal and while we will try to minimise any disruption to our services, our primary focus will be on the safety and health of our community and staff. We continue to monitor the advice received from the Department of Health and will make decisions based on this advice.

We endeavour to communicate timely and honestly.

The Shire does have a role to play under the State Epidemic Plan. We continually review and update our emergency management plans so that they remain current and we are prepared for emergency situations.

As more information becomes available, we will amend and adjust our ways of work accordingly to ensure our staff and the community is treated with the utmost safety and respect.

Bindoon Library

As part of a nationally consistent approach, the Bindoon Library will be closed to the public as of close of business Tuesday, 23 March.

We will still be providing a ‘touchless’ service so we can continue to support the community during this time. This will involve members either phoning 9576 4610 or emailing and discussing with Annie your author preferences and genres. Annie will then make a selection for you and will arrange a time for you to pick up the books from outside the library.

Returns can be put in the After Hours box, where they will be sanitised and set aside for 24 hours before being added back into circulation. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for virtual storytime, Rhyme Time, blogs, book readings, and activities that you can do at home.

Chittering Community Bus Changes - Accessing Local Shops

The Chittering Community Courtesy Bus Service to the Perth Metropolitan area has been cancelled and in its place we are now offering a localised service for residents to access local services in the Bindoon townsite (including Muchea General Store on the southern Thursday bus). This service is offered FREE and is maintained by committed local volunteers to ensure that our community remains connected to essential services offered by our supermarkets, chemist and doctors surgery.Please contact Lisa on 9576 4601 if you have any questions about this service, or you have specific transport needs outside the times offered by the courtesy bus service.WE WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD PASS ON THIS INFORMATION TO FRIENDS, NEIGHBOURS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS WHO YOU FEEL COULD UTILISE THIS SERVICE.

Electronic Applications - Planning, Building, Health & Rangers

The Shire of Chittering will now be accepting the following applications by email:

  • Applications for Building Permits (certified and uncertified)

  • Applications for Development Approval

  • Applications to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage

  • All applications for Dogs and Cats (eg. Registrations, Additional animals)

  • Applications for Rural Numbering

 These applications along with the supporting documentation can be emailed to

 Applicants for Building Permits will have their Building Permit (BA4) and Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3, where applicable) return emailed to them once it has been granted and issued.