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WOW we have an amazing community here in Chittering.  There have been numerous messages across all our local Facebook pages and calls to the Shire with offers of assistance to get essentials out to our most vulnerable members of our community. 

A Chittering Community Recovery Sub-committee has been formed.  Cr Mary Angus has been appointed as Chairperson along with representatives of the Department of Communities, local schools, police, service organisations and locality representatives, Shire CEO and staff. 

A short survey has been developed to assist the committee in understanding the impact on individuals from COVID-19. This is available at this link:

Our Neighbourhood - Connecting Vulnerable People & Community Volunteers

Neighbour help

I want to help

There are many elderly and vulnerable people in our community facing unprecedented challenges and increasing isolation due to COVID-19. 

Through the “Our Neighbourhood” initiative, we can all look out for each other and show a little kindness.

If you would like to help:

Click here to fill out the form

I need help

Are you elderly, disabled, or feeling vulnerable as a result of the unprecedented challenges and increasing isolation caused by COVID-19. 

Through the “Our Neighbourhood” initiative, we can all look out for each other and show a little kindness.

If you would like to be connected with a community volunteer:

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If you have any questions about these please contact Lisa on 9576 4601 or email 

While we are working to connect people as best we can, one of the simplest and easiest things that WE CAN ALL DO is get out into your street/neighbourhood (while observing requirements for social distancing), introduce yourself to your neighbours and talk about how you can help each other.  Start a conversations by dropping a #viralkindness cad into your neighbours mail box or knock on the door (and chat through the front window).  By connecting with those who live close tous, or in our neighbourhoods, we are building a sense of belonging and helping each other through these uncertain times.  Keep spreading kindness everyone.  #KindnessPandemic.


Print at home help neighbour

Get a copy of the #viralkindness card here

External services 

Many people across our community access services to assist with home help, nursing care, respite services and support programs to name a few. If you receive support from an organisation, and are unsure of any changes to the support being provided during this time, please contact the service provider directly.

The Shire will maintain contact with many service providers to ensure that we can keep  update on any changes to service provision from their agency, that may affect residents within the Shire of Chittering. That way we can hopefully assist to communicate this out. This will also assist us in identifying if we need to be wrapping more community support around those who may become more vulnerable with any changes that are implemented.  Head to our Facebook page to keep up to date on any updates from external agencies here.