Environmental Protection

The Shire of Chittering has a diverse natural environment and accordingly, the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme has provisions to ensure the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. Below are some of the main points to be considered by all residents and prospective purchasers in the Shire. All current and potential residents are encouraged to contact the Shire to discuss in more detail the properties which are of interest to them. Doing so will provide a better understanding of the natural environment within the Shire.

Rural Residential

Most rural Residential subdivisions will have a Development Plan which indicates specific environmental conditions pertaining to each specific subdivision. Generally, the following requirements must be adhered to within Rural Residential zoned land:

Maximum clearing area on each site is 2,000m²

  • Maintenance of land, watercourses and natural drainage lines is the responsibility of property owners
  • Development(s) to be undertaken in a manner which minimises the impact on the natural environment
  • Stocking of Rural Residential properties requires Planning Approval in accordance with Council Policy
  • Appropriate Effluent Disposal Systems will need to be installed subject to approval from Council’s Environmental Health Officer

Agricultural Resource Zone

Within the Shire of Chittering there exists a Landscape Protection Area which encompasses a majority of the land zoned Agricultural Resource. The areas affected by such Protection Area are:

  • Chittering Valley
  • Gingin Scarp, and
  • Northern uplands (all land north of Bindoon)

Within these areas there are specific Land Use requirements. Further Information can be obtained by contacting Council’s Planning Officers and reading Part 6 of the Local Planning Scheme.

Due to the diverse environment within the Shire, not all relevant information can be made available on this website. Council officers are more than willing to go through the specific environmental conditions relating to your property.