Chittering Community Complex

On Friday, 14 August 2020, Council received official notification that the request for variation to the BBRF Grant for a Chittering Community Centre and Muchea Clubrooms, made in April 2020 was unsuccessful. The requested change was deemed to be outside the scope of the approved project.

Council resolved at the August 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, to conduct a survey of residents on the recreational needs of the Chittering community before making a final decision whether to proceed with a modified option for the project.  This survey will be available in hard copy and online, and will enable council to determine the community desire for the proposed projects and the communities future sport and recreational needs.  This will inform future council planning processes.

The original BBRF Grant and Shire of Chittering contribution was for a Community Centre, Sports Hall and Playing Field at Lower Chittering.  AusIndustry have advised that the sports component of the original application was what saw this project successfully funded.

Council now has to make the decision whether to proceed with the Chittering Complex, and if so which of five options to proceed with, keeping in mind restrictions on project funding and land use.   None of these options involves a financial contribution or use of the facility by Immaculate Heart College.

  1. Save and build in 20 years.
  2. Community Centre only: Community spaces, kitchen.
  3. Community Centre, AFL oval: Community spaces, kitchen, AFL oval, permanent change rooms
  4. Indoor Sports Centre, AFL Oval: Indoor sports, change rooms, basic kitchen, AFL oval.
  5. Indoor Sports Centre only: Indoor sports, change rooms, basic kitchen.

 A online and reply paid physical survey of residents and landowners, was released on Monday 21 September, and closing on Friday 9 October.  Results will be taken to Council after this date for a final decision on this project. 

The documents below are relevant to the project history. 

September 2020

Community Update / Sport and Recreation Survey

September 2020

March 2020

Community Update

March 2020

August 2019

Community Update

August 2019
June 2019

Information Session presentation - 10 June 2019

May 2019

Council Resolution 081519
Lower Chittering Sport & Recreation Facility:  Immaculate Heart College Self-Supporting Loan

Resolution 081519
April 2019 Council Resolution 110419
Lower Chittering Sport & Recreation Facility:  Stage 1

Resolution 110419

March 2019 Council Resolution 260319
Lower Chittering Sport & Recreation Facility:  Stage 1
Resolution 260319
December 2018 Council Resolution 111218
Long Term Financial Plan Review
Resolution 111218
October 2018 Council Resolution 141018
Lower Chittering Sports & Recreation Facility
Resolution 141018
October 2018 Council Resolution 091018
Adoption of Corporate Business Plan 2017-2021
Resolution 091018
June 2018 Council Resolution 130618
Draft Corporate Business Plan 2017-2021
Resolution 130618
April 2018 Council Resolution 070418
Proposed Lower Chittering Sports & Recreation Centre Project:  Stage 1
Resolution 070418
April 2017 Council Resolution 130417
Draft Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027
Resolution 130417
March 2017 Council Resolution 060317
Chittering Economic Development Strategy:  Key Strategic Direction Update
Resolution 060317
November 2016 Council Resolution 081116
Regional Sports & Community Centre Feasibility Study
Resolution 081116
April 2016 Council Resolution 120416
RFT SC16-001 Assessment:  Regional Sports & Community Centre Feasibility Study
Resolution 120416
March 2016 Council Resolution 160316
Chittering Economic Development Strategy 2015-2025:  Key Strategic Direction Update
Resolution 160316
December 2015 Council Resolution 121215
Shire of Chittering Youth Strategy 2015-2018
Resolution 121215
June 2015 Council Resolution 130615
Corporate Business Plan Review
Resolution 130615
February 2015 Council Resolution 190215
Proposed Chittering Economic Development Strategy 2015-2025
Resolution 190215
February 2015 Council Resolution 160215
Revised Shire of Chittering Sports & Recreation Plan 2012-2022
Resolution 160215
July 2014 Council Resolution 090714
Proposed Chittering Economic Development Strategy 2014-2024
Resolution 090714
April 2014 Council Resolution 100414
Community Development Plan 2014-2024
Resolution 100414
June 2013 Council Resolution 210613
Corporate Business Plan 2013-2017
Resolution 210613
November 2012 Council Resolution 161112
2012-2022 Strategic Community Plan
Resolution 161112
June 2005 Council Resolution
Subdivision & Amalgamation:  Lots 9003 & 851 Muchea East Road & Santa Gertrudis Drive, Maryville Downs, Lower Chittering - Commercial & Community Area
February 2005 Council Resolution
Development Plan Modification:  Maryville  Downs - Commercial & Community Area
August 2002 Shire of Chittering Sport & Recreation Report Report

Other documents

WAPC & Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage "Chittering Regional Land Supply Assessment" (June 2018)