Tenders Awarded

The following tenders have been awarded:

SC14-004 - Kerbside Refuse and Recyclable Collection

List of Offers:

  • Avon Waste

Successful Contractor:  Avon Waste (contracted extended until 30 June 2021)

SC14-007:  Fire Mitigation Maintenance and Construction

List of Offers:

  • WA Treeworks
  • Central Earthmoving
  • Mining Maintenance Services
  • Entire Fire Management
  • Fire Mitigation Services
  • Anspach Contracting
  • Anspach Contracting (alternative)

Successful Contractor:  Entire Fire Management

SC16-002:  Binda Place Redevelopment

List of Offers:

  • TRACC Civil
  • Advanteering Civil Engineering
  • Dowsing

Successful Contractor:  TRACC Civil

SC16-003:  Cleaning Services

List of Offers:

  • OCS Services
  • DMC Cleaning
  • DU Clene
  • Spick & Span
  • MI Group
  • JCT's Creative Solutions
  • Ellenbrook Cleaning
  • Chittering Catering

Successful Contractor:  OCS Services

SC19-001:  Provision of Architectural Services - Lower Chittering Sport and Recreation Facility Project

List of Offers

  • Franco Carozzi
  • Lantern Architects
  • Peter Hunt Architects
  • Hodge Collard Preston
  • Carabiner
  • MPS Architects
  • Bollig Design Group
  • Site Architecture Studio
  • Donovan Payne

Successful Contractor:  Hodge Collard Preston

SC19-002 "Supply and Installation of Wandena Road and Chittering Road Safety Barriers"

List of offers

  • Safety Barriers WA
  • Road Rail and Mining Products Estimating Team
  • Erections WA

Successful Contractor:  Nil  (readvertised as SC19-003)

SC19-003 "Supply and Installation of Wandenna Road and Chittering Road Safety Barriers"

List of offers