Fees & Charges

Each year the Council is required to establish a Schedule of Fees and Charges for the use of Shire facilities and for the provision of identified services.

The Schedule must identify all of the fees applicable for the year including:

  • User charges for the hiring and use of various facilities
  • Fees for accessing information
  • Fees for lodgement of statutory forms and application
  • Any bonds or deposits associated with the hire and use of facilities.

The Schedule of Fees and Charges does not include:

  • Rates levied
  • Service Charges levied under the Local Government Act 1995 (such as underground power)
  • Rubbish service levies
  • Infringements
  • Leases or other individually negotiated licences.

Details of the applicable fees and charges may be obtained from the Schedule of Fees and Charges (adopted by Council on 1 July 2023).