Meeting Guidelines

  • All speakers should be clear and to-the-point, and speak through the Presiding Member at all times
  • Members of the general public are not permitted to enter into debate with Elected Members or Shire staff
  • Any correspondence received after the agenda has been finalised will not be reflected in the Shire Officer's report and will not be distributed to Elected Members by administration
  • No late documents may be brought into Council Chambers on the day of the meeting for distribution to Elected Members
  • To minimise disruption during meetings please ensure that your mobile phone is switched off being entering Council Chambers
  • You may enter and leave the Council Chambers at any point during the meeting
  • The Shire's administration centre is a non-smoking venue
  • Toilet facilities are available - please ask a Shire staff member for directions
  • There is to be no recording device taken into any meetings

meeting guidelines