Cat Registrations

Cat Registration Form

Change of Details of an Existing Animal Registration

Cat Registration Fees

All cats in Western Australia are required to be sterilised and registered with their Local Government Authority. Cat renewals for 1 year and 3 registrations are due on the 31st of October of each year.

Lifetime registrations are also available, allowing cat owners to register their cat for the lifespan of the cat.

If you have recently bought a cat that was owned by someone else within the Shire, or wish to change the owner in your household, a Change of Details of an Existing Animal Registration form will need to be filled out. 

To transfer a cat from another Local Government to the Shire of Chittering you will need to fill out a new Cat Registration Form. If the owner details on the registration at the previous Local Government are different to the transfer, you will need to amend the details at the previous Local Government before the cat can be transferred to the Shire of Chittering.

Discounted registration fees are applicable for the following (with applicable paperwork provided):

  • Pensioner and Concession Card Holders

Applying to have multiple cats

Application for Permit to Keep More than Two Cats

To apply to keep more than the prescribed amount of cats, you will need to fill in an Application for Permit to Keep More than Two Cats and pay the applicable fee.

On receipt of the application and fee, Rangers will request comments from neighbouring properties within a window of 21 days.

Once comments are received, an assessment of the cat owner's property will be conducted to determine the adequacy of the containment of the cat and any other factors that may effect the application's outcome.

Depending on the feedback of the neighbouring properties and any other issues in relation to the applicant, Rangers will determine the application or refer to Council for a decision.