A TASTE OF CHITTERING - Expressions of Interest from Event Management Organisations Sought

Expression of Interest

An expression of interest is being sought from experienced Event Management Organisations who would be interested in producing Chittering’s flagship event, “A Taste of Chittering” for a period of three years (2021 – 2023 inclusively).

A Taste of Chittering began as small regional fair in 2013 and has become a showcase for the Chittering region: “Perth’s Countryside”.

It has grown to attract thousands each year with an average attendance of around 5000 visitors since 2017.

With a view to cementing itself as the premier agri-tourism event for Perth, A Taste of Chittering showcases the region and Chittering’s fresh produce at the gateway to the food bowl of Perth’s northern valleys.

See above and below for some video of past “A Taste of Chittering” events.


The objectives of “A Taste of Chittering” are as follows:

  • To become the premier agri-tourism event for the Perth region – Perth’s celebration of its countryside.
  • To increase economic growth in the region.
  • To drive awareness for Chittering’s fresh produce and the region’s position at the gateway to the food bowl of the Northern Growth Alliance region and surrounding Shires.
  • To deliver a high-quality tourism experience reflective of the region, and to drive awareness for the Chittering region as a country tourism destination rich in natural beauty, premium produce and agri-tourism experiences.


The successful candidate will be granted a licence to utilise the “A Taste of Chittering” brand for a period of three years, (including a probationary first year) in order to provide financial returns for their organisation.

Additionally, the Shire may make provisions to provide some assistance in the loaning and delivery of some events equipment available to the Shire.

The successful candidate, will be eligible for a grant (of $15,000 ex-GST, pending Shire budget approval, payable as a staged payment) subject to adhering to the following requirements:

  • Operates “A Taste of Chittering” event in line with the objectives of the event. The event is to be held in Lower Chittering within the following financial year in late August (unless there are extenuating circumstances), with respect to avoiding an overlap with other regional events in the Shire.
  • Consults with the local stakeholder group (panel of Chittering tourism stakeholders) on at least three occasions, with a maximum of one of these held after the event for a debrief (if necessary). Documentation of meetings must be recorded and presented to the Shire of Chittering in a PDF document following the event period.
  • Demonstrates how they prioritised the utilisation of local vendors, talent and organisations in the delivery of the event.
  • Displays Shire of Chittering and/or equivalent Chittering tourism branding as a sponsor in all marketing material.
  • Apply for and maintain all approvals for the event (including submitting all necessary notifications, event and risk management plans and documents to the Shire of Chittering’s Environmental Health Officer for assessment).
  • Provides an event report with an overview of the event that addresses;
    • How organisers met objectives and guidelines
    • Attendance numbers
    • Estimated economic impact
    • Marketing and media impact
    • Community support and social impact
  • Supplies all images and video to the Shire of Chittering for use in the promotion of the region.
  • Makes allowances for a free stall space for the Shire to provide tourism information, or similar.
  • If charging for entry, provide 500 free tickets to local Shire residents on a first-come-first-serve basis, with discounted tickets to the remainder.


The successful candidate will be responsible for all event management tasks and responsibilities (including, all planning, project management, venue/stallholder line up, liaison, costs, financials, staffing, licences, approvals, reporting, insurance and indemnities). The successful candidate is to manage the event at its own risk.

The successful candidate will be required to enter into an events contract with the Shire, setting out the terms and conditions of the grant of licence to utilise the ‘A Taste of Chittering’ brand (including the management of the event at its own risk).


Expressions of Interest must provide a submission through a questionnaire, demonstrating their suitability by answering the following questions:

  1. What experience the organisation has in delivering large scale events
  2. What skills and resources the organisation has both in-house and with other event production partners E.g. staff and experience of sub-contractor organisations
  3. Are they from the Chittering Shire, and how could the organisation commit to using local organisations where possible?
  4. How do they think they could best improve the event?
  5. Provide two references from organisations that have used their services in the past.
  6. Attachments: Provide three examples of marketing that the event organisation has produced for other events


If you have any queries about this expression of interest, please contact:

Euan Martin

Economic Development Coordinator, Shire of Chittering

08 9576 4634, euan.martin@chittering.wa.gov.au

Submissions can be submitted HERE and must be received by THURSDAY 3RD JUNE 2021.

Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

All expressions of interest will be assessed by a panel of Chittering tourism stakeholders based on the following criteria:



Events Experience


In-house Skills and Quality of Connections


Marketing Quality and Experience


Locally Based, or Commitment to Local Usage





Applicants will be advised of the outcomes by email or phone by FRIDAY 11th JUNE 2021.