Where do I get my Landfill Pass from?

Your Landfill Pass will be included within your Rates Notice.  Residents who are renting their property may need to contact their Landlord or Agent.

Why do I need a Landfill Pass?

Your Landfill Pass needs to be presented to verify that you are a local resident/ratepayer.  The following items can be disposed of by residents/ratepayers FREE OF CHARGE and without a limit on the number of visits:

  • Drums (on advertised Muster Days)
  • Clean fill only
  • Green waste (sorted 'clean', and up to 8x6 trailer)
  • Household rubbish (sorted 'waste', recyclables; 2x240ltr bins / 1xute / 1xtrailer (8x6) per visit)
  • Metals (free of debris)
  • Recyclables (placed in designated areas)
    • cans (steel and aluminum)
    • cardboard (flattened)
    • glass bottles (lids removed)
    • metals (tin, car bodies, fencing wire, etc)
    • newspapers (no glossy magazines)
    • plastic bottles (lids removed)
    • e-waste (televisions, computers, etc)

What are the six numbered boxes on the bottom of the Landfill Pass for?

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Your Landfill Pass will be validated (clipped) upon entry if you wish to dispose of any of the following items:

  • Household furniture (couches, mattresses, etc)
  • Household rubbish/waste unsorted (2x250ltre bins / 1xute / 1xtrailer (8x6) per visit)
  • Oil and oil filters
  • White goods (NOTE - fridges, freezers and airconditioners need to be degassed prior, with proof provided)

Residents/ratepayers have SIX opportunities to enter FREE OF CHARGE to dispose of the above items.

Please note that fees will always apply for the following items

  • Animal carcasse
  • Asbestos
  • Commercial and demolition waste
  • Fill (with debris)
  • Green waste (unsorted)
  • Non-pass holders
  • Skip bins
  • Tyres (bike, car, truck, tractor, earthmoving)
  • White goods that have not been degassed

Please refer to the Shire's current FEES AND CHARGES for more information.

How many Landfill Passes do I get?

One Landfill Pass has been issued per property for 2018/2019.  If you require an additional pass (i.e. if you use your six free entries) they can be purchased from the Shire Administration for $66.

Enquiries should be directed to the Shire of Chittering Administration Office, 6177 Great Northern Highway, Bindoon; telephone (08) 9576 4600; email chatter@chittering.wa.gov.au