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  • Can I still go the landfill centres?

    Yes.  Entry passes will be issued as usual with the annual rates notice.

  • Do I have to pay the collection charge on vacant land?

    No.  Collection fees will not be applied to vacant land.

  • Do ratepayers have to pay the designated [landfill centre] fee for bulk waste disposal or does their tip pass allow them free disposal?

    There is "free" disposal for normal household waste.  Commercial rubbish and bulk items will attract the existing fee.

  • How has it just been discovered that the present system is non-compliant with the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2007?

    A review of waste services in the Shire of Chittering revealed that the current situation (a local waste contractor contracting directly to the public) is not permissible under the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2007.  This resulted in a requirement for the service to be put out to public tender as Council is not in a position to provide the service in-house.

  • How often will the service be provided and when will the service commence?

    Kerbside Household Waste Collection (weekly)

    The first service will commence on Wednesday, 3 September 2014.

    The service will be provided on the following days.

    Blue Plains Estate, Chittering Estate, Chittering Rise, Chittering Springs, Hidden Valley, Lake Chittering Heights, Muchea townsite, Odelon Estate, Rocky Creek and Woodlands Estate inclusive of properties on the roads connecting each estate highlighted on the map (excluding Great Northern Highway and Bindoon Moora Road)

    Chittering Fields, Chittering Retreat, Chittering View, Maryville Estate, Old Winery Estate, Polinelli Road, Rosa Park and Wandena Estate inclusive of properties on the roads connecting each estate highlighted on the map (excluding Great Northern Highway and Bindoon Moora Road)

    ZONE 3 - FRIDAY 
    Anderley Estate, Bindoon Heights, Bindoon Vista, Bindoon townsite, Chittering Country Club, Endeavour Drive, Parkwood Estate and Wannamal inclusive of properties on the roads connecting each estate highlighted on the map (excluding Great Northern Highway and Bindoon Moora Road)

    To download the map CLICK HERE

    Kerbside Recycling Collection Service (fortnightly)

    The recycling kerbside collection service will commence in the second weekd of September 2014.  Further details of the service will be provided upon delivery of the bin.  The service will be split into a two fortnightly service per month.  Half the shire will be collected in the first fortnight of the month and the balance in the second fortnight.


  • How will my bin collection be affected by public holidays?
    Your refuse will be collected as normal on most public holidays.  The only exception to this is Christmas Day.  If your collection day falls on Christmas Day then alternative arrangements will be made and you will be advised in advance.
  • I have a really long drive way, how can I get it to the road verge?

    The contractor (Avon Waste) have available for purchase Wheelie Bin Towing Brackets that easily attach to a vehicle tow ball.  Alternatively, there are other suppliers available that sell similar brackets.

  • I've heard I will be getting a new bin (Compulsory Areas only)

    Yes.  Households or businesses within the "Compulsory Area" will automatically receive a red-lidded household waste bin and a yellow-lidded recycling bin.  Further details of how the bins are to be used will be provided when the bins are delivered.

    For example - acceptable recyclable materials, collection date calendars, etc

  • We take our five [privately owned] bins to the tip every four weeks, so do we still have to pay extra [as it is more than the two allowed bins]?

    If you are in a compulsory service area you will receive a household refuse bin which will be picked up weekly and a recycling bin which will be picked up fortnightly.  If you choose to take your private bins to the tip you can do that (up to the 2 x 240L bin limit per visit), but this will not mean that you avoid the compulsory service fee.  You will need to show your tip pass so that you can be identified as a shire resident.

  • What about the bins I already own?

    The appointed contractor will only collect the new red-lidded household waste and yellow-lidded recycling bins.  Your existing bins could be recycled into worm farms or used for other storage.