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Public Notices

This statement has been prepared in response to a recent local Community Newspaper story.

Further to The Advocate’s online article (19 May, 4:00pm, by Lisa Thomas) “ residents ‘disgusted’ at handling of proposed NBN tower” the Shire of Chittering would like to reiterate that community engagement was undertaken in line with the Shire’s Communication Plan, therefore exceeding statutory requirements.

In answer to Ms Thomas’ emailed question “What sort of consultation was done with nearby residents impacted?” Ms Thomas was furnished with the following details;

  1. Letters were sent to landowners within a 2km radius of the proposal stating an application for an NBN tower had been submitted to the Shire. The letter provided a link to the Shire’s website where the full application could be viewed.It was also stated in the letter that the application could be viewed in the Shire offices or at the Bindoon Library. In addition to this, a locality map showing the proposed property’s location and submission form was included.
  2. An advertisement was placed in the Bullsbrook/Gingin Advocate newspaper stating that the Shire was in receipt of an application for an NBN tower. The advertisement provided matching information to the letters in relation to where the document was available for viewing. Both the letters and advertisement gave a date as to when submissions would be closed.
  3. The full application was published on the Shire’s ‘Have your say’ page on its website.
  4. A sign was placed on the physical site (attached to fencing on 51 Hereford Way, including the advertisement and maps).
  5. Reference was made in the Shire’s monthly Chatter newsletter, which is shared via mail, email and in the local newspaper (Northern Valley News).
  6. A community information session was held at a local school.

Any residents who had made submissions on the proposal were notified that the proposal was due to be presented at the Shire’s monthly Ordinary Council Meeting and were invited to attend. Additionally, the officer’s report on the subject matter was made available for viewing on the Friday prior to the publicly open agenda briefing forum being held on the following Tuesday, and hence a full ten days before the Ordinary Council Meeting taking place. 

- Ends -

For further information please contact your Shire President or Councillors, whose individual contact details can be found on the Shire website (www.chittering.wa.gov.au/council/councillors.aspx).

Queries can also be addressed to Alan Sheridan, Chief Executive Officer via chatter@chittering.wa.gov.au or 9576 4600.

This media statement has no regulatory value.

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