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Pointless Act

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Friday, 31 Jan 2014

Submitted by Kelly Rossouw, Lower Chittering resident

A pointless act took place at the Lower Chittering Hall on Friday 17 January.  Thankfully, an anonymous caller reported a possible break-in to police advising that they had spotted a white ute at the Hall at 3am.

The Police arrived at the Lower Chittering Hall to find it had been turned upside down and inside out, like a storm had swept through it.  When I opened the door to the Hall the evidence of the delinquency lay in front of me.  The windows and cupboards had been smashed with the contents removed and scattered all over the place.  There was tomato sauce sprayed all over the place and graffiti on the walls.

What frustrated me the most was how they had smashed the cupboards to smithereens.  The destruction was pointless as they did not achieve anything financially from this.  Their absurd and unnecessary destruction left the Hall in a disgusting state.  There are so many people who have put a lot of time and effort into our community Hall so it was both frustrating and upsetting to see it in such a state.

With the Australia Day Breakfast just around the corner it put more pressure on everybody to get things fixed to be ready in time.  Cleaners had to be organised to clean the hall of all the graffiti, tomato sauce and mess, plus the windows were replaced and cupboards repaired.  Once in order the user groups got all their belongings back into boxes and packed away.

The locals were very upset and disgusted about what had happened to their community building.  Some expressed their opinions and got fired up on social media.  They wanted the offenders to clean up the mess they had made, for them to be named and shamed, to be punished for what they had done.  Thanks to the Gingin Police, the three offenders, Bullsbrook boys aged between 16 and 18, have been caught and charged, so hopefully justice will prevail.

There has been a community Australia Day Breakfast at the Lower Chittering Hall for many years now.  Thanks to the efforts of local community members and the Shire of Chittering this year’s Australia Day Breakfast was still able to go ahead.  It turned out to be a fabulous morning with a very successful turn out.  I hope that this event continues and that this is the last of any community locations to be vandalised.

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For further information please contact Karen Dore, Economic Development Officer on 9576 4600 or via  This media statement has no regulatory value.