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Bindoon Bypass EPA Referral

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Bindoon Bypass EPA Referral

The Bindoon Bypass Referral documentation was released on Friday 15th September 2017 for public consultation by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority).  The EPA will coordinate a 7-day comment period on the referral.  For more information on the referral process please visit  http://www.epa.wa.gov.au/.

The project will require further assessment and approval by the EPA.  It should be noted that the Bindoon Bypass is in the early stages of planning and as such a much larger Development Envelope has been included in the referral than would normally be expected. This is to allow for changes to the design in response to potential social, environmental and engineering concerns. It is our expectation that this Development Envelope will be refined and reduced during the assessment process. The Development Envelope considers the ultimate design which includes an allowance for a future dual carriageway that may be required by 2050.   It is expected that the initial construction of the Bindoon Bypass will consist of a single carriageway only.

The GNH Project Team are currently undertaking ecological surveys to identify and define the environmental values of the Project area and plan to undertake additional technical studies in the coming months based on direction from the EPA.

Should you have any queries on the Bindoon Bypass, please contact the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Manager (James Nelson) on 9469 4240 or via email (James.Nelson@jacobs.com).

To review the Bindoon Bypass Referral documentation, please visit: http://www.epa.wa.gov.au/proposals/great-northern-highway-bindoon-bypass

To comment on the Bindoon Bypass Referral, please visit: https://consultation.epa.wa.gov.au/seven-day-comment-on-referrals/great-northern-highway-bindoon-bypass/consult_view/

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