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Great Northern Highway Upgrade (Muchea North)

Public Notices

Notice of public comments

Shire of Chittering Western Australia (EPBC 2016/7656)

The following notice is published pursuant to Section 95B(2) of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act)

Main Roads Western Australia proposed to upgrade sections of the Great Northern Highway at Muchea North (EPBC 2016/7656).  The proposed action occurs within the Shire of Chittering.  Construction will require the clearing of habitat for fauna protected under the EPBC Act.

The proposed action is a controlled action under the EPBC Act and is being assessed through Preliminary Documentation.  The controlling provision under Part 3 of the Act is listed threatened species and communities (section 18 and 18A).

In accordance with Section 95A(3) of the EPBC Act, the public were invited to comment on the referral documentation and additional information related to the proposed action for a period of 10 business days from 10 August 2017 to 24 August 2017.  One public submission was received during this time.  No changes or additions have been made to the Preliminary Documentation in response to the public comment.

In accordance with Section 95B(2) of the EPBC Act, the summary of the comment and the response, as well as the original documentation, are being published for a further 10 business days from 11 November 2017 to 24 November 2017 for public information.

The EPBC Referral, Preliminary Documentation and Response to Public Submissions are available at the following locations or can be viewed electronically at the Main Roads internet site (mainroads.wa.gov.au).

  • Environment Protection Authority Library - The Atrium, Level 4, 168 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA
  • Shire of Chittering - 6177 Great Northern Highway, Bindoon

Any inquiries regarding this process should be directed to:

Naomi Clements
Project Manager
Main Roads Western Australia
E:  Naomi.Clements@mainroads.wa.gov.au
T:  (08) 9323 4654

Persons with special needs (i.e. for whom English is a second language or who has a vision impairment) may contact Naomi Clements via the details above for assistance in accessing the documentation.

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