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Agenda Forum Program - 10 April 2018

Public Notices

The next Agenda Forum is scheduled for 6pm on Tuesday 10 April 2018.

The items to be discussed are as follows:

Development Services

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Modification to existing Local Structure Plan:  Stage 11 Maryville Downs, Lot 650 (RN95) McGlew Road, Lower Chittering

Council’s consideration is requested to endorse a modification to the existing approved Local Structure Plan (LSP) for Stage 11 of Maryville Downs.  The updated LSP intends to better reflect current standards and legislation.  The amendments have been advertised, with a number of submissions received.  As a result of the number of submissions, and the nature of the item, Council is required to consider the matter.   Such determination will inform the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage of Council’s recommendation, however as the Department is the determining body, discretion as to the outcome ultimately lies with the Department.

Additional Dog Application:  RN131 Santa Gertrudis Drive, Lower Chittering

An application has been received by the Shire of Chittering for a third dog at Lot 51 Hereford Way, Lower Chittering.  This application is being referred to Council as objections were received during the public comment period.


Corporate Services

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List of Accounts Paid for the period ending 31 March 2018

Council is requested to endorse payments presented in the List of Accounts Paid for the period ending
31 March 2018.


Chief Executive Officer

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Proposed Lower Chittering Sports and Community Centre Project:  Stage 1

Council’s is requested to approve a budget amendment to release $70,000 from the Recreation Development Reserve to allow for planning and costing of facilities associated with Stage 1 of the Lower Chittering Recreation and Sports Facility.



Alan Sheridan
Chief Executive Officer

Category: Public Notices