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Agenda Forum Program - 10 October 2017 - UPDATED 10 OCTOBER 2017

Public Notices

Chief Executive Officer

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Application for Development Approval for Extractive Industry for Sand: Lot 52 Old Gingin Road, Muchea

Council is requested to consider a new application for the previously approved development application for extractive industry (sand) on Lot 52 Old Gingin Road, Muchea.

This application is separate from the application that has been referred to State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for final determination.  This subject application has additional information supplied with it such as a revised traffic impact assessment and a more complete extraction plan.

The item is being referred to Council as the concerns raised as part of the application initially referred to Council at its ordinary meeting of 19 July 2017 still apply. 

Policy Register Addition:  Elected Member Policy 4.7 Mobile Computing Devices and Electronic Agendas

Council is requested to endorse the re-drafted Policy 4.7 Mobile Computing Devices and Electronic Agendas.  The current version is a simplified and streamlined version of the previous draft with similar outcomes in terms of transparency, efficiency and accountability.


Policy Register Amendment: Policy 3.18 Vehicle Use

As part of the Shire’s Fleet Review, an option has been identified to reduce the Shire’s Light Vehicle Fleet by providing cash in lieu of a motor vehicle and to reduce Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) by paying individuals a vehicle allowance; and having this re-paid to Council in the form of a post-tax vehicle contribution.  The purpose of this report is to give effect to these arrangements.


Reports of Committees

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Audit Committee:  20 September 2017

Council’s consideration is ‘requested’ to receive the unconfirmed minutes from the Audit Committee meeting held on 20 September 2017.


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Alan Sheridan
Chief Executive Officer

Category: Public Notices