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Binda Medical Services Closure

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The Shire President Councillor Hawes advised that he was very concerned by the recent announcement made by Dr Hayward that she would be closing her business in Bindoon by early September 2015. Cr Hawes stated;

Health Services in the community are vitally important, and need to be maintained. Dr Hayward provided a high quality service to our community and was held in high regard both in the medical profession and the community”.   

Council was in favour of offering the new Northern Wing of the Health Centre to Binda Medical Services Pty Ltd (Dr Hayward) on similar terms to the existing lease. Council formally resolved to offer the lease to Dr Hayward, back in April 2015.

The minutes state;   

“That Council:

 1. resolve to offer the lease on the North wing of the new Multipurpose Health Centre to the practice currently providing medical services to the Community from the existing Medical Centre.

2. direct the Chief Executive Officer to prepare a lease document satisfactory to Council, for the North wing of the new Multipurpose Health Centre.



“However, agreement on the final lease terms could not be reached soon enough due to strong opposition by a few community members and by others within Council.

Regrettably Dr Hayward has advised that she will be closing the business effective Thursday 3rd September 2015, as she could no longer deal with the stress being caused to herself and her staff over this matter, and the unnecessary postings about her business on Facebook.

A 4 day a week service will be provided for all of July, moving to a 1 day week service from August until it closes in September 2015.

Dr Hayward advised that she had made approaches to the Wheatbelt GP Network, and others to see if there is any interest in taking on the practice”.



I have spoken to Dr Hayward directly to enquire whether she would reconsider her position, who when asked confirmed that she would not change her decision.

Council will now call for Registrations of Interest from General Practitioners to operate the practice as soon as possible.   

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For further information please contact Cr Robert Hawes, Shire President on 9576 4600 or via chatter@chittering.wa.gov.au.


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