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Agenda Forum Program - 7 November 2017

Public Notices

Corporate Services

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Executive summary

Financial statements for the period ending 31 August 2017

Council is requested to receive the Monthly Statement of Financial Activity, Bank Reconciliation and Accounts Paid for the period ending 31 August 2017.

2016-2017 Annual Report and Setting of Annual General Meeting of Electors

Council is requested to accept the 2016-2017 Annual Report and Financial Statements and set the date for the Annual General Meeting of Electors.

Chief Executive Officer

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Executive summary

Nominations to Council Committees, Advisory Groups and External Organisations

Council is requested to appoint members of Council to Committees, Council Advisory Groups and External Organisations.

Setting of Ordinary Council Meeting dates for 2018

Council is requested to endorse the proposed dates for Ordinary Council Meetings in 2018.

Christmas/New Year Office Closure

Council is requested to note the Christmas/New Year closure period for 2017-2018, from Friday, 22 December 2017 to
Tuesday, 2 January 2018.

Reports of Committees

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Executive summary

Chittering Bushfire Advisory Committee 2018 Meeting Dates

Council’s consideration is requested to endorse the meeting dates for the Chittering Bushfire Advisory Committee for the 2018 calendar year.


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Alan Sheridan
Chief Executive Officer

Category: Public Notices