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Library Entrance Upgrade

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Library Entrance Upgrade

The external entrance to the Bindoon Library and Bindoon Council Chambers was identified as the most appropriate access point for people in wheelchairs to access the Shire’s Administrative building.

With funding obtained through the Lighthouse Project Grants Program the Shire has been able to replace the heavy, hinged glass door with a single, sliding door; with movement sensors to both sides of the door to improve access into the building.

Effectively this has removed the barrier for employing a person in a wheelchair for the Shire.  The new door has also improved access for the Shire’s library volunteers, who are generally elderly, retired people who contribute greatly by providing a service to residents who work during the week.

This project has assisted the Shire in meeting “Strategies and Outcomes” identified in the Shire of Chittering Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2017, Internal Review Outcome 7.

The Shire wishes to thank the Lighthouse Project Grants Program, which was formed in 2015 by LGMAWA, Localise and the Disability Services Commission, for the funding which enabled the undertaking of this necessary upgrade.

For further information please contact Karen Parker, Manager Human Resources on 9576 4600 or via chatter@chittering.wa.gov.au.

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