Prepare your Bushfire Survival Plan

It could save your life

If you live in or near a bush, developing and using a Bushfire Survival Plan is critical.  This plan will help you take action and avoid making last minute decisions that could prove deadly during a bushfire.  When developing your plan decide if you will leave for a safer place, which may be to relocate to family or friends, or stay to actively defend your home.

Your plan must be prepared and practiced with all members of your family or household before the start of the bushfire season.  If you live alone you may like to form a plan with a neighbour.  Make sure you write it down, give everybody their own tasks and have a list of actions to take if there is a bushfire.

Your plan needs to take into account what you will do based on the Fire Danger Rating.  On days of catastrophic or extreme fire weather it is safest to leave early, that is the night before or early in the day.  You must decide in what conditions you will stay, if any, and when it would be best to leave.  Do not forget to think about what you will do with your pets and livestock if there is a bushfire.

Practice your plan regularly and review it every year, keep it in an easy to find place and make sure everyone knows where it is.  Everyone's bushfire survival plan will be different depending on individual situations and circumstances.

A Bushfire Survival Plan guide and further information can be found in the DFES Prepare. Act. Survive publication or at

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