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Small Business Friendly Local Governments

The Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative was developed by the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC).  The SBDC is the only State Government agency focussed on supporting small business in Western Australia.

Standard Activities

  • Each Business Friendly Local Government is to submit a biannual report that outlines the results achieved in relation to its small business friendly activities
  • Pay invoices from small business suppliers within 30 days
    • The Shire of Chittering pays all invoices within 20 days of receipt.
  • Establish an advisory group to better understand the needs of local business
  • Introduce an internal dispute process

Additional Activities

  • Survey local businesses to assess their needs
    • This was undertaken in late 2013 as part of the consultation for the Chittering Economic Development Strategy 2015-2025.  The resulting business contact list is utilised as a first point of contact when brainstorming is undertaken and / or feedback is required concerning local businesses.
  • Accepting online payments
    • The Shire of Chittering offers B-Point.
  • Simplifying processes and forms
    • This is an ongoing process within the Shire of Chittering.  Feedback is welcomed from businesses, residents and ratepayers.
  • Providing more small business information on website
    • This page!
  • Improving communication and customer service
  • Encouraging ‘buy local’ shopping campaigns
  • Offering contracts to local small business suppliers
    • Upcoming opportunities are shared through the business contact list.
  • Introducing an economic development team
    • The Shire employs a full-time Economic Development Officer.
  • Facilitating small business forums and events
    • Undertaken in conjunction with the Chittering Chamber of Commerce and as part of relevant projects.


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