Planning Policies

To view the Shire of Chittering’s Local Planning Policies please select from the table below:

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Local Planning Policy No Details
1 Bindoon Townsite
2 Muchea Village
3 Poultry Farms
4 Rural Tourist Accommodation
5 Signage
6 Water Supply and Drainage
7 Outbuildings
9 Tunnel Houses
10 Basic Raw Materials
11 Wayside Stalls
12 Additional Accommodation and Ancillary Dwellings
13 Car Parking
16 Roads and Drainage
18 Setbacks
19 Pre-painted Building Materials
20 Transported & Transportable Buildings
21 Fire Management Plans
22 Fences
24 Stocking Rates
26 Waste Management
27 Living in Sheds
28 Public Open Space - Dedication on rezoning
29 Sea Containers
30 Registered Road Verges
31 Structures in Road Reserves
32 Development Plan