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Development - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What development do I have to get approval for?

    Anything that is greater than 10m2 requires approval, if you are ever in doubt as to what does and does not require approval it is always best to check with Shire Officers.  As well as anything bigger than 10m2, water tanks also require approval, with a minimum of 120,000ltr tank per property with a minimum of 10,000ltr to be in the tank at all times for fire-fighting purposes, with a 50mm male camlock fitted onto it.  As most of the Shire of Chittering does not have scheme water, your water tank is relied on during the fire season.

  • What forms do I need for Planning, Building and/or Sewerage Treatment applications?

    All relevant forms, checklists and information sheets can be found on the Shire of Chittering's website under "A-Z"

  • What type of "Treatment of Sewerage" doe I need for my property?

    All areas have difference requirements due to variations, ground water levels and other environmentally sensitive factors.  You can ascertain the correct system you require by contacting the Shire's Principal Environmental Health Officer on (08) 9576 4600 and choosing to be transferred to Development Services

  • How long does it take for Planning, Building and Health Approvals?

    As long as the application does not need to be presented to Council, we ask that you allow anywhere up to 60 business days for Planning.

    For Health approval, given there are no issues, we allow two (2) weeks.

    For uncertified building applications we allow up to 25 business days, and for certified building applications we allows 10 business days.

    You can always contact Development Services support staff for updates or further information on your application progression.

  • Where are the fees and charges on the internet? How doe I work out what it's going to cost me?

    All fees can be found via the Shire of Chittering's Fees and Charges under "COUNCIL" then select "PUBLICATIONS".  Alternatively they can be found either on the Planning Checklist and Building Information lists.  In summary the fees are charged as follows:

    Planning Application Fees  
    Not more than $50,000 $147
    More than $50,000 but less than $500,000 0.32% of value amount less GST
    More than $500,000 but less than $2.5m $1,700 + 0.257% for every $ over $500,000
    Retrospective Approval 3 x Planning Fee
    Septic Application Fees  
    Septic Tank Inspection Fee $118
    Septic Tank Application Fee $118
    Building Application Fees  

    Building Services Levy


    • 0.00137% of the value
    $61.65 for works under $45,000
    Uncertified Building Applications 0.32% of the estimated value of the building work as determined by the relevant permit authority, but not less than $95.00
    Certified Building Applications 0.19% of the estimated value of the building work as determined by the relevant permit authority, but not less than $95.00

    BCITF Levy


    • for works over $20,000
    0.2% of the total contract price (Inc GST) or $200 in every $100,000 worth of project value
    Unauthorised work 0.38% of the estimated value of the unauthorised work as determined by the relevant permit authority, but not less than $95.00


  • Can I build a shed in front of my house?

    As stated in Local Planning Policy 7 'Outbuildings and Swimming Pools' a shed will not be permitted in front of a dwelling.  It is recommended that room behind the house is allocated when developing your house.

  • Can I have a zinc roof on my house/shed/water tank?

    Council requires pre-painted materials such as Colorbond to be used on houses and sheds within zones that fall in the townsite and rural residential zoned areas.  Zinc is only permitted for water tanks.

    For further information please refer to Local Planning Policy 19 'Pre-Painted Materials'.

  • How large is the maximum area for granny flat or ancillary dwelling? Can this be increased?

    The largest size you can go to is 70m2, not including verandahs or patios; the size cannot be increased.

    Please refer to Local Planning Policy 12 'Additional Accommodation and Ancillary Dwellings.

  • Do you need approval for bores?

    Whilst consultation with the Shire is recommended, it is not required.  All bores used for drinking water must be at least 30m from septic tanks or alternative treatment systems.  For further information on bores, including sinking them, it is recommended you contact the Department of Water on (08) 6250 8000.

  • Can we use sea containers on our property for storage?

    It all depends on the zoning of your property, which can be determined by contacting Development Services.  For Townsites such as Bindoon and Muchea sea containers are not permitted.  

    If the sea container is enclosed within an outbuilding (i.e. shed) then a sea container does not need planning approval and can be used permanently.

    For temporary or permanent use of a sea container please refer to the Shire of Chittering Local Planning Policy 29 ' Sea Containers'.