Commercial and Industrial Development

Within the Shire of Chittering, all commercial and industrial development is subject to Planning Approval.

Dependent on the zone of the land, various types of commercial and industrial development can be accommodated. Should you wish to know whether it may be permissible to develop and/or operate a type of commercial/industrial proposal, you can view the Shire’s Town Planning Scheme (available online). Under Schedule 2 of Town Planning Scheme No 6 (TPS6)  is a Zoning Table which stipulates whether a land use is permissible or not for each zone.

The symbols in the Zoning Table mean:

Zone Description
P The use is permitted by the Scheme providing the use complies with the relevant development standards and the requirements of the Scheme
D The use is NOT PERMITTED unless the local government has exercised its discretion by granting Planning Approval
A The use is NOT PERMITTED unless the local government has exercised its discretion by granting Planning Approval after giving special notice
X The use is NOT PERMITTED by the Scheme

Schedule 1 in TPS6 provides definitions of various land uses and the various provisions that may restrict that use.

For instance, if you submit a planning application for a Home Business and you live on a property that is a Rural Residential Zone, the Zoning Table shows the Home Business to be a ‘D’ use.  This generally means that provided you have submitted all the relevant details with the planning application (i.e. site plan, type of business details, area on property to be used, payment of fee), the application will be assessed and most likely be advertised for a minimum 21 days to either one or a combination of the following:

  • Adjoining landowners;
  • Local newspaper; and/or
  • Sign stipulating proposal situated on property.

After this stage, should it be deemed necessary by Council Officers, the application may be addressed at the next Council Meeting for determination, which may result in approval subject to conditions or refusal.

For larger scale commercial or industrial development, it will most likely be required to be undertaken on properties of an "Agricultural Resource Zone".  Again, subject to Planning Approval, the types of development may be listed in the Zoning Table.  This can include development such as Rural Industry, Extractive Industry, Transport Depot etc,.  Due to the larger scale these types of developments generally require more detailed assessment and lengthier processes, which can involve State agencies.

It is advised that should any current or prospective landowner wish to seek clarity on commercial or industrial development they contact the Shire’s Planning Department to obtain prior advice.


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