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Awards Ceremony

Chittering’s Australia Day Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday 26 January, in the Bindoon Town Hall with approximately 60 people in attendance.  Guests were musically entertained by Johannah Grace and enjoyed light refreshments following the formalities which were hosted by Shire President, Gordon Houston and CEO, Alan Sheridan.

These annual Awards offer the perfect opportunity to publicly recognise, and thank, those members of the community who voluntarily invest so much of their time into their community.  Full details of nominations can be found in the Program (available online or at the Shire Administration).

Shire of Chittering Education Scholarship Awards:  Each year the Shire incorporates into their budget two scholarships of $1,000 each for a student graduating Year 6 and a student graduating Year 10 at the end of the following school year.  Unfortunately there were no applications for Year 10 therefore Council resolved to award two Year 6 scholarships, which were carefully selected from the submissions received.

  • Hope Kavanagh:  will be using her scholarship towards her school fees.
  • Harrison Anderson:  will use his scholarship towards his school fees, uniform, camps and stationery.

School Citizenship Awards:  Each of our local schools nominates a student for outstanding citizenship during the recent school year.  Two nominations were received for 2016.

  • Ebony Bird:  Bindoon Primary School applauded Ebony’s display of exemplary behaviour which makes her a wonderful role model to her fellow students. 
  • Briannan Worrell:Immaculate Heart College highlighted how Briannan undertakes her duties and responsibilities with no expectation of being thanked, and how this positive attitude has influenced her fellow peers to emulate her. 

Active Citizenship Award:  Focussing on groups/events that have made a noteworthy contribution or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years through active involvement.The winners, Volunteers of the Chittering Wildflower Festival, were nominated by Colleen Osborn.This group of volunteers have been assisting with the coordination of this annual multi-day event for the past five years.They act as ambassadors for Chittering and are an example to other community members about the enjoyment of volunteering.  The other nominees were;

  • Bindoon Chittering Retirees of WA:  nominated by Lois Jones, Bindoon Chittering Retirees is a proactive group of over 55s with more than 40 members who attend outings, meetings and host local events. 
  • Wannamal Art Exhibition and Market Days:  nominated by the Wannamal Community Centre, the event not only encourages local artist it also supports worthy charities.

Community Citizen of the Year Awards:  This award was previously known as the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award and has been rebranded to the Community Citizen of the Year Awards and 2017 is the 40th anniversary of this award.

Young Community Citizen of the Year:  The winner, Mitch Lunardi, was nominated by Koorunga CWA as an inspiring example of the positive influence a young person can have in our community.  Mitch has been a valuable behind the scenes volunteer, his community spirit has seen him involved in ‘Wear-ya-Wellies’, ‘Muchea Youth Festival’, ‘Taste of Chittering’ and the ‘Bindoon Show’.  Mitch really enjoys helping, and is a great mentor to his colleagues, his get-up and go attitude inspires many of his peers, and the value for the older people in the community to see such a positive young person is uplifting. 

Community Citizen of the Year Award:  The winner, Cathy Fisher, was nominated by Sally Leo and Gail Bam, for her cheerful nature and exceptional skills as an ambulance officer which have brought great comfort to many Chittering residents.  The other nominees were;

  • Noel Russell:  nominated by Amy McAuliffe for being instrumental in the smooth running, set-up and clean-up of the Bindoon Show for at least 10 years.
  • Phillip Martin:  nominated by the Veteran Car Club of WA (Inc) Chittering Branch, as the man behind the establishment of the Bindoon Historic Vehicle Day.
  • Tom Fern:  nominated by the Bindoon Chittering Retirees of WA for being their official outings bus driver for many years.

Remember, events and local community members can be nominated for Active Citizenship Awards all year round – there’s no need to wait until the Shire call’s for nominations in September.

Nomination process

Outstanding community members and groups can be recognised for their dedication and hard work through the Premier's Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards.

These annual awards recognise and celebrate the contributions that individuals and organisations have made to the Chittering community.

The categories are:

  • Premier's Australia Day Active Citizenship Award for a person of 25yrs or older;
  • Premier's Australia Day Active Citizenship Award for a person under 25yrs;
  • Premier's Australia Day Active Citizenship Award for a community group/event.

The recipients will be selected from people and groups who have made a noteworthy contribution since the closure of the previous nomination period, or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years through active involvement.

The Australia Day Council of WA (ADCWA) provides three awards each year for presentation in the Shire of Chittering on Australia Day.  Nominations are now open for the awards which will be presented at the Shire's Australia Day Awards Ceremony on Thursday, 26 January 2017.

Nominees must be residents of the Shire of Chittering, or have coordinated a community event within the Shire, or be members of a community group whose principal activities are conducted within the Shire of Chittering.  Awards will not be granted posthumously.

The winners will be judged to have shown active citizenship and recognise outstanding members of the local community for their contribution towards community life and their active participation in local projects:

  • How has the nominee contributed to the Chittering community?
  • How has the nominee demonstrated leadership on a community issue resulting in the enhancement of community life?
  • What has the nominee achieved that has brought about change and value to community life?

Groups of people or couples will not normally be eligible except when meeting the criteria for a community group.  A person cannot receive the same award twice, but can be considered for another award.  Unsuccessful nominees may be nominated in future years.  Sitting members of State, Federal and Local Government are not eligible.

Anyone in the community can submit a nomination by completing and submitting the nomination form online or in person at 6177 Great Northern Highway, Bindoon.

Premier's Australia Day Nomination Form

Nominations close on Friday, 18 November 2016

PDF files are used on www.chittering.wa.gov.au for large documents and other resources.  Where a document is not designed to be exclusively printed, an accessible alternative file (for example HTML, Rich Text) may be obtained by emailing chatter@chittering.wa.gov.au and request the publication by quoting the title of the document and your requested format.


Community Service Awards

The Shire's Community Service Awards are determined by Council and are awarded in the following two categories:

  1. Individual / Couple
  2. Group (club / organisation / business)

The winners will receive a certificate and a glass award.  The awards are given at the Australia Day Awards ceremony.

If you would like to discuss the nomination process please contact the Shire's Executive Support Officer on 9576 4600.


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