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Cat Registrations

Cats that live within the Shire of Chittering boundaries are required to be registered with the local authority.

Cat renewals are sent out at the end of October each year.

Should your cat(s) not be registered and you get a visit from a Ranger, it may cost you much more than the registration fee.

As of 1 November 2013 all cats that have reached 6 months of age are to be sterlised, micro-chipped and registered with the Shire of Chittering.

Cat registration forms are only available from the Shire.  To have one posted out to you please contact a Customer Service Officer on 9576 4600 or email chatter@chittering.wa.gov.au.

Fees & Charges



Registration 1yr - sterilised $20
Registration 3yrs - sterilised $42.50
Registration 1yr - sterilised (pensioner 50% of standard fee) $10.00
Registration 3yrs - sterilised (pensioner 50% of standard fee) $21.25
Registration Lifetime - sterilised $100.00
Registration Lifetime - sterilised (pensioner 50% of standard fee) $50.00
Application to breed cats - per breeding cat $100.00

Note: All the above are Statutory fees


Cat Registration Form

Change of Details of an Animal Registration
Application to keep more than two cats


Cat Registration Tags

Cat registration tags change in colour yearly and the colours rotate in four yearly cycles. The colours for the next four years are:

Registration period ending Colour
31 October 2018 Yellow
31 October 2019 Red
31 October 2020 Blue

Did you know that it is an offence for your cat not to wear a collar with the registration tag and their owner's name and address attached?

Random registration checks may result in fines being issued.


Further information

For more information on how the Cat Act 2011 will affect you and your feline friend, visit the Department of Local Government's Responsible Cat Ownership webpage.