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Aged and Disability

The Shire of Chittering has a strong commitment to providing positive services for the Aged and Disabled. After recent Community consultation and other relevant enquiries the Council is currently undergoing a review of the Aged Care and Disability services available within the Shire. We hope to be able to offer increased dedicated services in the near future.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme -  NDIS is coming to Chittering.  

More information is available by attending two community workshops.  Click the links to find out more information 27 September 2016 and 3 October 2016. 

Disability Access

The Shire of Chittering Facilities Disability Access information can be found here.

How can we help?

The Shire of Chittering would love to hear from you if have any ideas for ways that access can be improved around the area.

Click HERE to submit your suggestion.

For assistance or information

 If you require assistance or information at this time we encourage you to contact the following organisations:

  • Silver Chain - 1300 300 122
  • Commonwealth Care Link – 1800 052 0222
  • Advocare - 9221 8599 or 1800 655 566
  • WA HACC Program Websitewww.health.wa.gov.au/hacc
  • Department of Health WA HACC – Information Line 9222 4060
  • Regional Home Care Services - 9574 9800

Retiree Housing and Aged Services Survey 2013

During the development of the Shire of Chittering’s Community Strategic Plan it was identified that retiree housing and aged care services are a community priority.  As such Council sought community input on the future accommodation and service needs of retirees, seniors and the aged in the Shire of Chittering. 

The results of the “Retiree Accommodation and Aged Care Services Survey” will be considered in conjunction with the Wheatbelt Integrated Regional Aged Care Plan (WIRACP – a partnership between the Wheatbelt Development Commission, the WA Country Health Service’s Southern Inland Health Initiative and Local Government).  This will assist Council in future planning for Retiree Accommodation and Aged Services within the Shire and the collective results will be utilised by Council to lobby Federal and State Governments for increased funding for Aged Care Facilities/Services and Independent Living Units within the Shire of Chittering.

As a brief summary, 239 surveys were returned with 81% of respondents aged over 55.  98% felt that they would remain in or relocate to Chittering when they were ready to retire.  With that in mind over three-quarters of the respondents would like the option of being able to purchase or rent an ‘Independent Living Unit’ within the Shire.  The full summary of survey results will be utilised by Council when undertaking future planning and when liaising with prospective service providers.

In addition to the lack of retiree housing options, access to medical facilities, public transport and care / support services were the three most raised areas of concern in both the survey comments and the community forum (held in conjunction with the WIRACP).  These issues will continue to be given Council consideration as suitable solutions are sought.

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